Whisking you away to warmer climes, Casablanca’s Printemps Éte 2021 collection is a love letter to the world.

Titled “After The Rain Comes The Rainbow”, Casablanca’s Printemps Été 2021 Collection is a love letter to the world, an optimistic offering that signals to Charaf Tajer’s oeuvre – elegant luxury design rooted in a deeply sincere approach.

Whisking you away to a Hawaiian coast, dazzling with azure blues, luscious greens and crisp whites, Casablanca’s trademark aesthetic codes continue to deliver a profound sense of quality, sophistication and a singular vision. Taking us to the Surf Club, Tajer taps the cultural and artistic elements of surfing, mining inspiration from the sport and its surrounding ethos.

Paying their respects to the waves of Hawaii, Casablanca have worked alongside renowned French-Moroccan shaper Thierry André and surfer Yann Summers to create and design a duo of bespoke Casablanca surfboards – made with the finest materials in André’s shaper house in Biarritz, France and complete with Casablanca’s Laurel emblem, monogram and red diamond design.