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Dr. Martens and Rick Owens’ common philosophy of celebrating alternatives and challenging the mainstream draws out unconventional results. The latest collaboration embodies primal punk and it doesn’t disappoint.

The second installment of the collection, which unleashes practical silhouettes and architectural possibilities, features 8-hole and 18-hole boots with oversized high tongues attached to QUAD RETRO soles that are approximately 5 cm thick. Both boots are crafted from tumbled black Luna leather and feature a soft feel that contrasts with the strong silhouette.

The 1460 QUAD PENT RO 8-hole Boot features the signature lace pattern, an integral part of the Rick Owens collaboration, with large chunky pearl wraparound laces and matte silver hook trim, inside ankle. is finished with a heavy zipper, a black and pearl heel loop, and yellow welt stitching that is Dr. Martens DNA.

The 1918 RO 18-hole long Boot features long pearl laces, matte silver hook trims and large eyelets, and like the 8-hole boot, the black and pearl heel loop is finished with yellow welt stitching.

This article has been taken from Wrongweather.net
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