Dr. Martens X Mastermind World 1460 Remastered Boot


Bringing the 1460 Remastered project to a close, Dr. Martens team up with Masaaki Homma’s MASTERMIND WORLD.

The final style from their 1460 Remastered project, MASTERMIND WORLD offer up their bold iteration of the iconic Dr. Martens boot.

Brimming with Masaaki Homma’s distinctive visual sensibility, punk-rock aesthetic and street-ready style, the 12 model in the series is constructed with a front and side zip closure. Embellished with Homma’s signature skull and cross bones logo, Dr. Martens and MASTERMIND WORLD champion self-expression and individualism.

The Dr. Martens x MASTERMIND WORLD 1460 Remastered Boot is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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