Maharishi Drop 3 SS22 Reinforcing Core Mantras


For the third drop of Maharishi’s SS22 collection, Hardy Blechman reinforces the mantras which have long sat at the core of the label.

Hardy Blechman’s Maharishi is heavily inspired by classic utility wear, only not in the conventional sense; the designer has long championed the view of pacifist military garb, reworking archival pieces with an emphasis on delivering messages of peace and utilising playful and intricate details.

With the third drop of its SS22 collection, the London-based label leans in heavily on those core Maharishi mantras: pacifist military design and the combination of East meets West.

Vietnam-era garments are spotlighted in the collection, reworked with intricate, Sukujan-inspired hand embroidery — depicting the Tibetan dragon — and Japanese Hanten closures. Kimono jackets are given the nod, too — as is typical of Hardy Blechman — and reworked using the same Flight Nylon material found on the legendary MA-1 jacket.