The Gifts They’re Guaranteed To Love

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‘Season to start shopping! As we begin to descend upon December, festive fever is steadily beginning to reach a fever pitch. And not a minute too soon! The disillusioning events of the past year have left most of us with little to get excited about, but with the holiday season now coming up over the horizon, we finally have a collective reason to come together (well, spiritually at least) and end the year on a high.

And perhaps more so this year than any before, we think it’s crucial for to reach out and spread the joy of the festive season to as many others as possible. So to supplement the launch of our gift guide, we’re shining the spotlight on a selection of stocking-filler-styles that we feel we’re simply made to be gleefully unwrapped on Christmas day.

Christian Louboutin Coolcard Alligator Embossed Leather Billfold Wallet


If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s notoriously difficult to buy for, you can seldom go wrong with a good old fashioned leather wallet. It’s a perennial menswear accessory that, quite oddly, we rarely think to buy for ourselves. So even the most pernickety of recipients are likely to react with genuine gratitude when they see that you’ve surprised them with the one thing that they’ve ‘been meaning to get for ages’

Now imagine how that modest gratitude will turn to irrepressible elation when they discover it’s a Christian Louboutin Coolcard wallet, cloaked in their seasonal, alligator-embossed leather for a masterstroke of luxury. We defy anyone to scoff at such an exquisite piece from a label that is globally regarded as being the ultimate gift that anyone can give. With any luck, that should help with the dreaded gift hunt for the fussier individuals on your Christmas list!

Off-White Yellow 2.0 Industrial Belt

The industrial belt has become a staple piece in Off-White’s permanent catalogue. It’s dropped in various colourways throughout the seasons, but the signature hazard yellow is surely the stalwart and will forever remain a renowned classic. Why so? Well, it pretty much epitomises everything that is special about Off-White. Not only is it immediately recognizable with its bold, eye-catching colour palette, but it embodies the spirit Off-White’s nonchalant swagger with its lazy, low-hanging style when worn. Virgil Abloh’s unique interpretation of a classic menswear accessory is so easy to recommend as a gift because of the flexibility it affords in terms of outfit variation. The joy is in experimenting with different ways to incorporate it into your off-duty wardrobe rotations, making it a perfect gift for anyone who likes to approach outfit styling with a real creative flair.

Moncler Grey Tricolour Trim Logo Gloves

Oftentimes the best gifts are the gifts that are primed and ready for the here and now. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a gift that you can wear straight away, without having to wait around anxiously for the right time of year. So when we suggest gifting a pair of winter gloves at the height of the winter season, we shouldn’t have to offer too much by ways of justification. Moncler is the undisputed king of luxury winter apparel, so naturally, we turned to them for inspiration when narrowing down our shortlist of the choicest styles from our gift guide showcase. This pair of Moncler gloves proudly showcase the brand’s iconic tricolour stripes and logo emblem at the cuff while remaining relatively minimalist in design elsewhere. Pair this style with the matching Moncler Grey Tricolour Trim Logo Beanie Hat for the complete look.


Kenzo Black Tiger Backpack Leather Keychain

We just had to throw some love the way of Kenzo’s charming little tiger backpack keychain. An endearing homage to an iconic Kenzo silhouette, this one really is the perfect stocking filler. Small in size and modestly priced, Kenzo’s keychain could be ideal perhaps as an accompaniment to ‘the main gift’ (if you think they’re deserving of both!). Or maybe you’re just looking for a sweet little trinket, a small token to show your appreciation for a loved one. Whatever the reason, it will surely make for an excellent gift. And since it’s inherently designed to go everywhere its owner goes, he’ll be thinking of you every time he goes to pick up his keys. Now that’s a Christmas sentiment that we can get behind.

Saint Laurent Black Monogram Long Card Holder

Again, we cannot stress enough the efficacy of going for a brand new, luxury designer wallet as a gift. Whereas the Christian Louboutin Coolcard wallet stakes its claim with its adventurous utilisation of unique fabrics, our featured wallet from Saint Laurent is all about timeless style. The bronzed metal hardware stands up beautifully against the supple, black leather base fabric, lending a touch of refinement and sophistication to a piece that will certainly maintain its relevance for years to come. The YSL emblem at the corner is the iconic mark of quality that makes Saint Laurent’s accessory not only an unforgettable gift, but also a genuine investment for the connoisseur of luxury fashion.