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The spring-summer 2023 collection by VETEMENTS is a new vision for the brand as it marks the first physical VETEMENTS show with creative direction by Guram Gvasalia.

While initially being the CEO that managed business operations, while his brother Demna was the creative director, this collection starts a new vision for VETEMENTS while keeping all of the influences and aesthetics we all love. After all, this is still the brand where the Gvasalia brothers put their wildest fashion dreams into reality.

The collection transports you to an apocalyptic scenario, where 90’s urban staples like oversized baggy jeans are paired with structural double-breasted blazers and floor-length overcoats, creating shapes that bend gender norms.

To the juxtaposition of flowy shapeless fabrics with shoulder-padded garments add the full-color schemes: bold and aggressive, mostly ranging from full black to full white and full pink. The washed-out tie-dyes also evoke post-war apocalypse aesthetics.

The VETEMENTS SS23 collection will soon be available at Wrong Weather.

This article has been taken from
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